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Interview with Paul Bearer from 2003


Quick Highlights

 ---Debut: 1974

---Worked for Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW), World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW), United States Championship Wrestling (USWA)

 ---World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) 1991-2002, 2004, 2010

 ---Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) 2003

 ---1998 Pro Wrestling Illustrated Manager of the Year

---Managed Rick Rude, Steve Austin, The Undertaker, Mankind, The Executioner, Vader, Kane

---Owned and operated: Gulf South Wrestling from 2005-2007

---Father of "The Future Legend" D. J. Pringle



JM: Who made the first call for you to work for the WWE.

PP: My dear friend and former partner, 'Ravishing' Rick Rude put me in contact with Vince McMahon. I talked to Vince and was immediately hired as The Undertaker's manager.

JM: I know you have had a lot of them, but tell us some of your Greatest Highlights in the sport of wrestling.

 PP: Yes, I have so many memories. I really have been blessed. I will never forget the night The Undertaker beat Hogan for The WWF Title.  And the night at The Sportatorium when Eric Embry and myself tore The WCCW banner off the walls


JM: Is there any goals you have left you want to go after?

 PP: I have literally lived every dream I have ever had.  The only thing left is opening my own independent federation in my home town. When the time is right, that will happen.

 JM: If Vince McMahon or Jim Ross called you in the next 5 Minutes to come back to the WWE, Would you?

 PP: If the deal was right, sure. I would be crazy not too. It's the only game around.

 JM: At one point in the WWE, Did WCW or ECW Ever crossed your mind to work for when the two companies were still in the Biz?

PP: No. I had a solid job in The WWF for 12-straight years. I never need to think about working for anyone else


JM: If you can, can you share, experience, opinion, or anything that comes to mind when I Named the Following

the Von Erich’s - A fine Family, that always gets a bad rap they really don't deserve.

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin - I help train him in the very beginning and was his manager and tag team partner in Dallas.

 The Undertaker - I managed him in his first pro match at The Sportatorium. He wore a mask as 'Texas Red'.

 Brother Love - A dear friend. My best friend in The WWF.

 Mick Foley - A class act

 Vader - A big Teddy bear cry baby

 Kane - the nicest guy in The WWE. Too nice for his own good.

Vince McMahon - A businessman. Do your job, he'll take care of you.

Million Dollar Man - Another dear friend, who is doing The Lord's work these days

 JM: OK this is a little off the subject but a Fan wants to know is Kane Married

 PP: I do not talk about the personal lives of my friends.

JM: How is your career going now?

PP: Good. I have more time off than I have had in 20 years. I really needed it.

JM: Do you have a sign contract with the NWA/TNA Roster

PP: No

JM: Do you still follow the WWE and how do you feel about the rate it is going since you left

 PP: If I know something is going to be on that interests me, I watch.  if not, I don't watch anymore.

 JM: What in your opinion was the greatest Match of all time you have been a part of

PP: Every WRESTLEMANIA that I ever appeared in was great to me.


JM: What are some of your favorite story lines you acted in

 PP: The Kane/Undertaker story was a lot of fun.

 JM: What is the hardest thing you ever had to do in the WWE?

PP: When The Undertaker and I split up for the first time.

JM: And Finally what advice do you have for young Males including myself who dream of making it to the Sport of wrestling?

 PP: If your heart tells you that it's for you. Reach for the stars


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