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Interview with Angel Orsini from 2004


Quick Highlights

---Debut: 1996

---Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) 2000-2001

---Wrestles for Women Extreme Wrestling (WEW)& Women Superstars Uncensored (WSU)

---Has appeared on Jenny Jones twice

---#22 In Pro in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2009

---#28 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 50 Women of Wrestling in 2010

---# 93 in Pro Wrestling Illustrated top 100 Hottest women in wrestling in 2002


JM: You have done it all as a comparator in various different fights & wrestling as far as Boxing, Kick Boxing, Japanese Style & Hard-core style wrestling, MMA Fighting, & a no holds barred fighter, and I am sure more different types of wrestling I don't know about. What is the most Challenge you have done out of all of them?

RT: First I'd Like to say that they are all very Challenging and that the reason why I do them, I love a Challenge! I get bored if I am not doing something challenging or learning something new... With that in Mind I would have to say Muay Thai kick boxing and MMA are the most Challenging because there are sooooo many different techniques involved and you have so much cross training to do.


JM: As a hard-core brawler a lot of wrestlers go to the extreme in a hard-core match, what's your take on that, do you believe there should be a certain line for how far a wrestler should go in a hard-core match?

RT: Well yes because after a certain point it's just stupid and even for the fans, they loose interest, then you know you've crossed that line. Those are the wrestlers that go out there for themselves and don't care about the fans, they are all ego and no heart. If the fans aren't into what I'm doing when I'm out there, I'll change it up and get them involved. It's all about them for me.



JM: You have worked for ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling), If you don't mind me asking how did it all work out for you to land a spot on the Roster?

RT: That I owe to Jason Knight, he kept telling Paul and Dreamer about me. I had my first tryout with him, boy he really kicked my Ass! Shortly after that, there was a tape of a hard core match I had with a dude that ended up in the WWE office. They also pushed me onto Paul by recommending me to him.


JM: As a member of the ECW's Sideshow Freak Prodigette a few years ago, how did you feel about the character?

RT: I was very honored first just to get hired and second to be given a name so fast. Jazz didn't have a name for a long time when she first got hired. I loved working with the group, it was fun. Plus I had never really had that kind of experience before ECW; I was always in singles matches. I think I had done 2 tag matches in my career before then.


JM: What was that experience like in the locker room during the last days of ECW?

RT: We were like a family, I really Miss those Ass holes...... LOL No really it was like a family, we shared the good times, we got on each other's nerves, we learned from each other, partied with each other.... Yeah, I had a great experience and I do miss them. I hope everyone is doing ok. Actually I stay in touch with a lot of them.


JM: I know you get asked this a lot since your days with ECW, but do you have any plans in your future to go to the WWE?

RT: I don't think anyone can plan on going to the WWE, it's not up to the wrestlers, and it’s up to the WWE offices. Of course it would be nice because they are the pinnacle of our sport in the world.



JM: What's your opinion on the WWE releases of the women in the women's division most surprising Jazz, and them hiring non talent women from the diva contest as new talent on the roster?

RT: I knew this was going to happen the minute they started with this stupid beauty contest crap, but everyone said no. Well if the fans didn't make that segment of the show the highest buy rate (The most watched part), then they won't be doing this. So they are just doing their jobs, and trying to make the viewer’s happy. As a fan of the sport, I'm disappointed and won't be watching.

JM: TNA has made it to the top and possibly run in the same ranks with the WWE, is the TNA in your future?

RT: TNA has never really had a women's division so I haven't considered them as a place for someone like me. I would like to go to someplace where I could have good wrestling matches week in and week out. I love to wrestle and that's what I want to do.


JM: I know you have done a lot in your career but what are some of your highlights so far in your career?

RT: Wrestling Chyna and Luna Vachon, those were excellent matches. Training Molly Holly, she is a great person and I was so honored to contribute to her talent development. Winning the PGWA belt from Susan Green, She's a Legend, and I dedicated that match to Liz Chase shortly after her death. ECW, of course, was the greatest experience of my career. Going to Japan and competing in MMA was incredible. Now, I really enjoy working for WEW and doing their Pay Per Views, I get to do ECW-style matches.


JM: You have done a lot in your career, is there any more goals left to go after?

RT: HELL YEAH! I want to go to Japan!! And I want to make my professional boxing debut, I'm not ready right now, but very soon.


JM: on your profile you said your best win was over Luna Vachon and your worst lost was over Chyna. these two women are powerhouses and has done a lot in the biz, how would you compare the two women as far as strength goes?

RT: Two completely different styles. Chyna is just so incredibly strong but Luna is a Lunatic and totally unpredictable. Chyna will out muscle you and Luna will do what you least expect and then she is very tenacious, it's hard to defend yourself against her.


JM: You have a web site that has been currently down for some time, I am dying to see your web site, do you have a set date when it will be up and running?

RT: Unfortunately, no, there is no date. I have to depend on other people for this part, I'm not the expert in this area. But I will have the site up, I hope, before the end of this year.


JM: you have faced a lot of challenges in different styles of fighting and wrestling, what was your most painful injury you have had so far?

RT: Shin Splintz, it took 6 weeks for them to heal up. they were from my last MMA Fight in 1999. I just over trained in Muay Thai Kicking and developed them the day before the fight. They were excruciating painful.

JM: Can you comment on the women you have worked with in the past

Luna Vachon - Unpredictable, a legend

Lexie Fyfe - Complete professional in every way, a great Talent.

Dawn Marie -One class act

Jazz -One of the best, she's excellent!

Chyna -Very strong and a lot of fun!

April Hunter - Very smart & talented.

Mighty Hiedi - Under rated, she's great!


Liz Chase - One of my best friends ever, I miss her very much. She was tough as nails and had more talent in her pinky finger then most people do in the biz today. She would be the teacher at wrestling school, the promoter, the booker, make the flyers & programs, and have a barn burner of a main event match all on the same show. I know most people don't have a clue how much work that is, and then to be a success on top of it-She was an amazing person.


JM: Do you have the advice for young fans which I am including who dream of getting a break in wrestling?

RT: Training is a lifestyle, you never arrive in this biz and you can never be too good. So the important thing is to get trained by the right people ( There are few good schools but on my web site I will post ones I recommend and I am not affiliated with but would train at myself). And think of this as a hobby, a way of traveling and socializing with interesting people, then if you get a break it's a bonus. And if not, you'll still be proud of accomplishing a goal, learned a martial art, made some friends, and traveled the Country/World.

JM: Any Closing thoughts?

RT: Yes, I have to say stay humble and be grateful for everything. It's not what you do that makes you who you are, it's who you are that makes what you do special.



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