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Luna Vachon Tribute

A very beautiful Luna-tic Tribute

I remember as a Little Kid, I was sitting home watching WWF Monday Night Raw in 1993 and was in awe when WWF Showed Highlights of WrestleMania 9 from the night before of the debut of Luna Vachon who attacked Sensational Sherri, I remember seeing this as a big deal when Luna Came down for an interview only to be interrupted by Sensational Sherri and a cat fight to end all cat fights broke out.
I grew up watching WWF with only two Women who were the Main women of the WWF and that was Miss Elizabeth and Sensational Sherri.....So, when someone new enters the company, it was hard and exciting to take at the same time esp. someone that is Bizarre as Luna.
It was sad to see the feud between Luna and Sherri cut short when Sherri left the company and I enjoyed her run with Bam Bam Bigalow in a feud against Doink & Dink the Clown but my Favorite run was of her return to the WWF as the Valet of Goldust in a feud with Marc Mero and Sable... Why is this my Favorite?? Each and every week on Raw we got to see something new between these two women going at it... I was in High School during this run and it was the main topic at my lunch table each week
One Thing Luna Always said was that Sable wasn't a wrestler until she made her one and that is so true.
I never got the Opportunity to ever work with her nor met her but here is my connection with Luna Vachon....
In 1998 I attended a WWF House Show where Luna was managing The Artist Formally known as Goldust which was awesome to be in attendance and see her work, I also got in contact with Ladies Sports to interview Luna and although I called her Several times, the idea fell through as Luna was too busy to do the interview, I also on behalf of Insane Plan attended House of Pain show in Beaver Falls, PA where Luna was to meet Stacy Hunter in a match but Luna was in a car accident and did not make the event.... Luna was the reason why I drove out of town to see her but I am glad Luna wasn't too seriously injured and glad I later found out she was okay! I also got the opportunity to interview Luna's Family such as her father Butcher Vachon and EX Husband Gangrel who at the time was married to Luna. I also had the opportunity to interview a lot of her friends and peers in pro wrestling more than any other of the Insane Hall of Fame inductees
Luna appeared as this monster scary looking female that took on the best of the men and Women for over two decades and even as a fan of hers, I still saw how beautiful she was inside and out... What touched me the most was I read a lost interview of Luna's for some web site... and When she was working for the WWF, Luna, Sunny, Sable, & Chyna who were the only women of the WWF at the time and they were checking in a hotel and Sunny, Sable, & Chyna rejected fans who wanted autographs because they were too tired, keep in mind the three of them were the good guys in wrestling and Luna was the only female Villain on the roster and no one went up to Luna for an autograph and she overheard a Fan say she won't sign autographs because she's a bitch... Luna than surprised the fans and stayed in the Lobby for two hours signing autographs...Luna said in the interview that Sunny, Sable, & Chyna has to represent the women of the WWF because the fans look up to them due to their status in the company and I felt bad because I didn't want the fans to hate the women of the WWF and felt I was the only one that could represent in order to save the fans view on women of wrestling.

That to me is a true worker...Luna is one of a kind and I loved to see her work in the ring as well as out the ring... She truly is an ICON in the world of Women Wrestling and has done so much in such a Little time that she most def. Made a difference that changed the face of women of wrestling.

The Wrestling World Remembers Luna Vachon

I had the privilege of traveling with Luna V. on the bus during our POWW tour. I found her to be an honest, caring, beautiful woman and terrific wrestler. she really embraced the Bad girl persona. It was obvious her life was troubled at times, but she was a true survivor and beautiful soul. She shared with me some awful stuff about Moolah, its in the book From Queen Kong
---Queen Kong has worked and Traveled with Luna Vachon for POWW

John Mikels: Luna Vachon
Paul “Butcher” Vachon: She travels a lot and I wish we could see more of each other.
John Mikels: If you don't mind me asking what are your thoughts on your daughter Luna Vachon's success in wrestling?
Butcher Vachon: Luna is very "over" in Japan and still working the Independents. I am very proud of her and she has a strong will of her own.
---Paul Butcher is Luna Vachon's Father and former Manager on tour in Japan in 1986

John Mikels: I know you have done a lot in your career but what are some of your highlights so far in your career?
Riptide: Wrestling Chyna and Luna Vachon, those were excellent matches. Training Molly Holly, she is a great person and I was so honored to contribute to her talent development. Winning the PGWA belt from Susan Green, She's a Legend, and I dedicated that match to Liz Chase shortly after her death. ECW, of course, was the greatest experience of my career. Going to Japan and competing in MMA was incredible. Now, I really enjoy working for WEW and doing their Pay Per Views, I get to do ECW-style matches.
John Mikels: on your profile you said your best win was over Luna Vachon and your worst lost was over Chyna. These two women are powerhouses and has done a lot in the biz, how would you compare the two women as far as strength goes?
Riptide: Two completely different styles. Chyna is just so incredibly strong but Luna is a Lunatic and totally unpredictable. Chyna will out muscle you and Luna will do what you least expect and then she is very tenacious, it's hard to defend yourself against her.
---Riptide wrestled Luna Vachon on the indys

John Mikels: How did the Vampire Warrior & The Gangrel Gimmick come about in wrestling?
David Heath: You ever see the movie The Lost Boys? at the end of 89, Luna turned me on to that movie and she told me a Vampire gimmick would work. I guess she was right for a little while LOL
John Mikels: How did you and your Wife Luna meet? (if you don't mind me asking)
David Heath: I met Luna in Florida when I was doing a gimmick called the Black Hearts, she liked the gimmick and she started managing it. We became best friends and the rest is history.
John Mikels: Jacquelyn
David Heath: That's a tuff girl, but not as tuff as Luna, I saw that first hand one night in the good ole Tennessee.. USWA days
---David Heath was married to Luna from 1994 to 2006 and was managed by Luna Vachon in the WWF from 1999 to 2000

John Mikels: Luna Vachon
---Amy Lee was a tag team with Luna Vachon in WSU and inducted Luna in the WSU Hall of Fame

John Mikels: What are some of your Highlights in the Biz?
Evil Zebra: Probably one of the best “highlights” is getting to meet and work with some of the greatest “legends” in the biz….. including to name a few: Honky Tonk Man, King Kong Bundy, Killer Kowalski, Misty Blue, Greg Valentine, Tony Atlas, Ted “Rocko Rock” Petty (god rest his soul) ,Luna Vachon and of course………. my bestest buddy in the world, Malia Hosaka!
---Evil Zebra worked with Luna Vachon on the indys

John Mikels: What are your opinions on the following women you worked with such as Ivory, Luna Vachon, Leilani Kai, Violet Flame, Alexis Laree & Lady Victoria?
Lexie Fyfe: I have enjoyed wrestling all of these women for different reasons. They are all talented. Leilani taught me so much. Luna scared the heck out of me when I first met her! Ivory is just crazy- a lot of fun. Alexis is a talent! From our first match, it was just smooth- she's great. Violet is a lot of fun to wrestle. She's a hard worker. I wish we could wrestle each other more. Lady Victoria and I have known each other for a while now. She's a good wrestler with strong goals. She'll be around for a good while more and I always enjoy our matches.
---Lexie Fyfe wrestled Luna Vachon on the indys

John Mikels: Luna Vachon
Taylor Vaugn: love her
---Taylor Vaugn worked with Luna Vachon in the WWF from 1999 to 2000

John Mikels: Luna Vachon
Jacquelyn: Intense
---Jacquelyn has feuded with Luna Vachon on the indys and the WWF from 1993-2000

John Mikels: Luna Vachon
Tori: Amazing Talent
---Tori Worked and feuded with Luna Vachon in the WWF from 1998-2000

John Mikels: I last saw you compete at House of Pain show in butler a few years back and you were schedule to face former WWE Diva Luna Vachon but she no showed due to a car accident and you ended up facing her one time manager for the night Ferrari which was her very first official wrestling match.... what were your thoughts when finding out about the match being changed and having to wrestle someone that never stepped foot in the ring before?
Stacy Hunter: Well I was a bit concerned cause I'm not the best wrestler but Ferrari did a great job in the match and I STILL want a rematch from her!
--Stacy Hunter has been an Indy Valet and wrestler since 1994 and was supposed to wrestle Luna Vachon in 2005 but was changed due to Luna's car accident

John Mikels: on your facebook page you have been paying tribute to the recent passing of Luna Vachon, Mike Shaw and Jorge Gonzales.. So many tops stars are going way before there time, what your perspective of the situation of the death rate in pro wrestling?
FiFi: I'm very sad about all the deaths in Pro Wrestling...I miss many of the people who have passed. It is a very hard business and it takes a toll on your health and soul. Bless the ones who are no longer with us who gave their all...
----Fifi is a former Valet of WCW in 1993

John Mikels: Luna Vachon
Doink The Clown: Sexy

---Doink The Clown worked and feuded with Luna Vachon in the WWF from 1993-1994

Luna Vachon's Timeline


--Luna Vachon made her wrestling debut in Fabulous Moolah’s all female wrestling promotion

--After a short lived stay in Moolah’s promotion, she moved to Florida to work for Florida Championship Wrestling as a reporter known as Trudy Herd


--April 20, AWA Wrestlerock, Luna Vachon had a tryout with the AWA in a 10 Women Battle royal which was won by Sherri Martel her future rival in the WWF


--Along with her tag partner Lock, they both provided backup vocals for Nasty Savage album track known as Indulgence


--December 13, Due to Luna working for Powerful Women of Wrestling, PWOW was in alliance with the AWA and competed in her first official Pay per view match at AWA Superclash 3 in a Women’s Lingerie battle royal which was won by Pali The Syrian Terrorist


--October 27, Brody and business partner Craig Cohen hired Luna Vachon as a Booker for the newly formed Ladies Major League Wrestling company


--December 1, Luna Vachon won the Ladies Major League women’s title from Bambi


--June 9th, UWF Beach Brawl….. Luna Vachon took part in her 2nd Pay Per View by Managing the Blackharts in a win over Fire Cat & Jim Cooper

--August 25, Luna Vachon’s Aunt and Trainer former AWA Women’s champion Vivian Vachon was killed along with her daughter by a drunk driver in a car accident


--The WWF has been trying to get in contact to hire Luna Vachon but could not find her that they had to hire a private investigator to find her and when he did she was working as a waitress at a restaurant in Florida


--January 27, Andre the Giant known for his years in the WWF and the Godfather of Luna Vachon....Passed away of a heart attack while attending his father's funeral, he was only 46

--April 4, Luna Vachon shocked the world when she debuted at WWF’s Wrestlemania 9 in the corner of Shawn Michaels in his Intercontinental match against Tatanka w/Sensational Sherri.. After Tatanka Won by count out, Luna Viciously attacked Sensational Sherri and sent her to the medical examiner unit.. From there Luna showed up again and attacked her while receiving medical attention

--April, Monday Night Raw...Luna Debuted on WWF TV to be interviewed about her actions against Sherri only to be confronted and attacked by Sherri

--May 25, On a tapping of WWF Wrestling Challenge…The first aired match between Luna Vachon vs. Sensational Sherri ended when Luna beat Sherri

--June 13, WWF’s first ever King of The Ring Pay Per view saw Bam Bam Bigalow make it to the final round of the tournament beating Bret the hit man hart when Luna Vachon came down to hit Bret with the chair but official earl Heber came down to reverse the decision to restart the match until a winner won fair and square which Bret did beat Bigalow

--June 26, Bonnie Blackstone interviews Bam Bam Bigalow and he announces he is in love and introduces Luna Vachon as his Main Squeeze 

 --August 2, during her time in the WWF, she also was working for the USWA and won the Women’s title from Miss Texas, Luna Vachon future WWF rival Jacqueline

--August 30, Summer Slam: Luna Vachon was schedule to face Sensational Sherri in a Mix Tag team match pitting her and Bam Bam Bigalow against Sherri and Tatanka.. However Luna injured her forarm and Sherri left the WWF scrapping that off the card and changing the match to Tatanka & The Smoking Gunns vs. Bam Bam Bigalow & The Headshrinkers w/Afa & Luna Vachon which Tatanka‘s team won

--November 24, Bam Bam Bigalow, Basion Bogger, & the Head shinkers w/Luna & Afa lost to the 4 doinks including M.O.M & The bushwackers w/ Oscar at the Survivor series in an elimination match with all 4 doinks pinning last survivor Bigalow


--January 22, WWF’s Royal Rumble Tatanka beat Bam Bam Bigalow w/Luna Vachon
--Later Luna escorted Bigalow to his royal rumble match at #15 but was eliminated by Lex Luger

--March 20, Wrestlemania 10, Luna Vachon and Bam Bam Bigalow finally got there revenge when they both beat Doink & Dink the clown in a mix tag team match

--April 18, WWF released the video game WWF Raw for Super Nintendo, Sega genesis, & Gameboy which includes Luna Vachon as a Playable Character on the roster…. Making her the first Woman in WWF history to be included as a Playable Character

--May 16, Monday Night Raw Bam Bam Bigalow w/Luna Vachon beat Sparky Plug to enter the King of the Ring

--June 19, Bam Bam Bigalow w/Luna Vachon was qualified in the King of the Ring Tournament but lost to Razor Ramon in the first round

 --August 29, WWF Summer Slam…. WWF Women’s champion Alundra Blayze beat Bull Nakono w/Luna Vachon

--October 31, Luna Vachon marries David Heath known as Vampire Warrior… WWF aired the wedding of Luna being married to a Vampire to explain her departure from the company


--July 1, ECW Hard-core Heaven…… Raven & Stevie Richards w/ Beulah beat Tommy Dreamer & Luna Vachon to keep their ECW Tag Team Titles

--July 15, ECW Heatwave…Luna Vachon beat Stevie Richards in the History’s first intergender Cage Match

--Luna was the 2nd woman in history to rank the PWI’s top 500 wrestlers ranking at 306


--In Tito Santana’s promotion AWF (American Wrestling Federation) Luna Vachon debuted as a Valet for the Honky Tonk Man known as Angel Baby


--March 3, WCW Nitro...Luna debuted in WCW attacking Madusa who was being interviewed by Mean Gene

--March 22, WCW Saturday Night: Malia Hosaka defeated Lelani Kai and after the match. Luna came down and attacked both women to send a message to Madusa

--April 6, WCW Spring Stampede Akria Hokuto w/Sonny ono beat Madusa after Luna Vachon Interfered

--May 18, WCW Slamboree Luna Vachon lost to Madusa

--November, WWF Raw, Goldust showed up in a wheel chair escorted by a nurse to talk about his injuries from the hands of Big Van Vader only to be confronted by Vader and blinded by the Nurse who turned out to be Luna Vachon returning to WWF and sending the message to the WWF Fans that the Bitch is back!


--January 11, WWF House Show event in Pittsburgh, PA....Vader beat Goldust w/Luna Vachon
--Later in the event Goldust & Luna tried to interfere in the Steve Austin & Cactus Jack's match against The Rock & Dlo Brown

--January 18, Royal Rumble Luna Vachon accompanied the artist formally known as Goldust in a match against Big Van Vader only to lose to the Vader bomb even after Luna Tried stropping it
--Later in the royal rumble match, Luna escorted the artist as #17 and was eliminated by Chainz

--February 15, WWE’s No Way out of Texas….The Artist & Marc Mero w/Luna Vashon & Sable lost to the Headbangers due to Luna’s interference which caused Sable to snap by attempting to attack Luna and humiliate Mero

--March 29, Luna Vachon participates at Wrestlemania 14 in a mix tag match with her and the Artist losing to Mac Mero and the debut match of Sable
--It should also be noted that this match came with some problems as when Luna was training Sable for the match, Sable refused to learn how to take a bump. Luna than was told by Sable and the powers to be that her job in the WWF was on the line if Sable was hurt in anyway… after the match, the WWF Roster celebrated with Sable and congratulated her on her debut match when Luna was only consoled and congratulated by Owen Hart… Despite the issues behind the curtain leading up to the event, Luna Still describes this match as her career highlight…. Also keep in mind, Sable wasn’t a wrestler until Luna made her one!

--April 26, Luna Vachon w/ Goldust beat Sable in the WWF’S first ever evening gown match when Luna stripped Sable dress off making her the winner after sable was distracted by Marc Mero

--June, Luna Vachon graces the cover of the WWF magazine for the first time titled the Bitch on her back

--August 3, Luna Vachon surprised the world when she introduced Sable as the newest member of the Human Oddities along with Giant Silva, Kerrgan, & Goldga…..

--August 30, WWF Summer Slam…….. The Human Oddities w/Luna Vachon and Insane Clown Posse beat Kaientai (with Yamaguchi-san)

--September 28, WWF Breakdown…. Golga w/Luna vachon & the human oddities beat Mosh w/Thrasher on Sunday Night Heat

--October 18, WWF’s Judgment Day…. The Human Oddities w/Luna Vachon beat Los Boricuas on Sunday Night Heat

--December, Luna Vachon graces the cover of the WWF magazine for the 2nd time with the Human Oddities & 1CP

--December 13, WWF Rock Bottom… what was supposed to be a match between the Human Oddities & Luna against the Headbangers & ICP… the match was changed due to ICP leaving the WWF changing it to the Human Oddities w/Luna Vachon beating the Headbangers

--December, Sable who by this point won the reinstated WWF Women’s Championship was getting ready to defend the title against new comer Spider lady only to be attacked by her from behind and revealed herself as Luna Vachon and also leaving the Human Oddites to feud with Sable


--January 24, Sable was being interviewed on Sunday Night Heat leading up to her 4 corners strap match against Luna at the royal rumble, only to be attacked once again by Luna and got a back breaker. Shane McMahon showed up and introduced Luna Vachon and gave sable the choice to back out of the match and vacate the women’s title to Luna only to turn down the offer and start the match.. Sable won the match thanks to interference by an unknown fan of sable who knocked out Luna helping Sable tag the 4th corner… The unknown fan was later named Tori

--February 14, Luna was given another shot at the Women’s title against Sable at the WWF’s St. Valentine’s Day Massacre Pay per View but was suspended and scratched from the card due to a backstage fight with Sable.

--August 22, Luna Vachon returned 6 months later after Sable left the WWF to chase then WWF Women’s champion Ivory after her win from Tori at Summer Slam.

--September 26, Luna Vachon Challenges Ivory to a Hard-core match for the Women’s title at Unforgiving which she lost due to a mistake by the interfering Tori

--October 2, WWF Rebellion in the UK…. Ivory beat Jacqueline, Luna Vashon & Tori to keep her ladies title

--November 14, Survivor Series…. Luna Vachon joins forces with rivals Jacqueline, Ivory, & Terri Runnles against Fabulous Moolah, Mae Young, Debra, & Tori in an 8 women’s sudden death match which was won by Fabulous Moolah when she pinned Ivory


--January 23, Luna Vachon was forced to enter the Miss Royal Rumble competition also in the contest is Ivory, Jacqueline, The Kat, B.B., Mae Young, & Terri Runnles. Luna refused to take off her gown which was her in reality against the sex in the women’s division. The contest was won by Mae Young due to her flashing her breast

--February 7, Luna Vachon w/ Gangrel challenged WWF Women’s champion Jacqueline for the title but lost the match

--February 10, Luna Vashon & Gangreal wrestled on smack-down against Jacqueline & Prince Albert in a mix tag team match which the team of Luna and Gangrel won

--Shortly after this run, Luna Vachon was released from WWF due to another backstage out burst


--October 26, Gangrel & Luna Vachon decided to go on tour together for the WWA All stars and wrestled against each other in a Black wedding match in its first Pay Per View The Inception


--In a shoot interview with Luna Vachon,  she had stated that during her first run with the WWF in 1993 to 1994, WWF sent her to rehab towards the end of 1994 for a drinking problem and during her recovery, was released from the company which was never explain until now


--September 15, Insane Plan Interviews Gangrel who talks about his career including his marriage to Luna Vachon


February 5, Insane Plan interviews Paul “The Butcher” Vachon who discusses his career including his daughter Luna Vachon


--March 18.... Insane Plan was on hand for a live event report at the House of Pain Wrestling in Beaver Falls, PA when Luna Vachon was booked w/Farrari in a match against Stacy Hunter, However Luna who got off the plane and was driving to the event was in a serious car accident and broke her arm.... thus not wrestling on the card and farreri taking her place in the match


--June 7, Former WWE Star John "Earthquake" Tenta who went under the name Goldga managed by Luna Vachon passed away due to a long battle with Bladder Cancer, he is survived by his wife & three kids, he was only 42

--WWE sent Luna Vachon a letter offering to pay for her to enter rehab six years after being released from the company


--January 19, Bam Bam Bigalow who was the storyline boyfriend of Luna Vachon dies... his death was shown he had toxic levels of cocaine & benzodiazepine, he was only 45

--June 9, Luna became the first Great Lakes Championship Wrestling's Ladies champion defeating TNA Knock-out Traci Brooks.

--June 17, Sensational Sherri who was Luna Vachon’s rival in the WWF in 1993 passed away from an accidental over-dose

--June 22, Former WCW & ECW Valet Nancy Sullivan who was very close to Luna in wrestling was killed along with her son 7 year old Daniel by her Husband former WWE Champion Chris Benoit, She was 43 at the time of her death

--October, WWE 500TH Anniversary Magazine covers the top 55 Cover magazine stars Ranking Luna Vachon’s 2nd Magazine Cover in December of 1998 at #24

--November 3, Former WWE Women’s Champion and a former trainer of Luna Vachon…The Fabulous Moolah Passed away from a Massive Heart attack at the age of 84

--December 5, Luna Vachon announced her retirement;

--December 7, her last official match for Great Lakes Championship Wrestling in Milwaukee. She successfully defended her GLCW Ladies Championship against Traci Brooks and then retired as champion.


--Luna Vachon Stated in a shoot interview that she feels the Vince McMahon steroid Trial is responsible for beginning of the down fall of Sensational Sherri Martel when she worked for the WWF during that time


--April, Luna Vachon was honed with the Ladies award from the Cauliflower Alley Club

--June, Luna became addicted to medication at some point and underwent rehabilitation, paid for by WWE, which she completed

--July 21, Van Hurd, Luna’s Son was cast on the 6th season of Hell’s Kitchen

--September 22, Luna Vachon’s son Van Hurd was eliminated from Hell’s Kitchen after making it to the final 6

--October 25, At a legends of the Ring convention.. Luna Vachon attacked her own agent who was best known as the Iron Sheik’s right hand man and was recorded and cached on camera and went viral making it the most watched video on

--December, Luna Vachon’s house was destroyed by a fire in which she lost her wrestling-related memorabilia and other possessions


--August 8, Mick Foley suggested to TNA to bring in Luna Vachon to manage Tommy Dreamer in his match against Raven with Mick as a guest referee but Luna turned down the offer stating she has officially retired.

--August 27, 2010, Luna Vachon was found dead at her Florida home, when her mother called on her. She was 48 years old. According to the District Six Medical Examiner's Office in Florida, she died from an "accidental overdose of oxycodone and benzodiazepine". Investigators previously found crushed pill residue and snorting straws at multiple locations inside Luna's house

--September 11, Mike Shaw better known for his time in the WWF as Basion Bogger who was in a love triangle with Bam Bam Bigalow & Luna Vachon...passed away at the age of 53 due to a heart attack.


--Vendetta Pro introduce the start of the annual Lunacy Cup Battle Royal in honor of Luna Vachon, Nikki the New York Knock-out won the cup

--Luna Vachon was inducted into the WSU Hall of Fame along with April Hunter & former WWE rival Ivory


--“The Bloodthristy Vixen” Amanda won the 2nd Annual Lunacy Cup battle royal which included Former WWE Diva and TNA Knock-out Shelly Martinez


--September 13, Hudson Envy won the 3rd annual Lunacy cup battle royal also including Former WWE Diva & TNA Knock-out Shelly Martinez

--November 21, Maurice "The Mad Dog" Vachon who is the uncle of Luna Vachon passes away from natural Causes at the age of 84

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