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Doink the Clown Tribute

No Clowning around with John Mikels

Anyone that knows me knows that I am big into cartoonish gimmicks in wrestling such as The Dead man, a sumo wrestler, a heartbreak kid, the bad guy, and etc.. But one who came out during this era was a clown by the name of Doink the clown...When he came out… I wasn't sure if he was a wrestler or just a fan attraction in the audience and when he started pulling pranks on the stars such as crush, bam bam bigalow, and Luna Vachon and then the jobbers he wrestled.. It became more and more entertaining and unpredictable like when he introduced his little sidekick Dink The Clown. That was his best run was the storyline between the Doink & Dink against Bigalow and Luna and each and every week they were humiliating them… I am fully aware there has been several wrestlers who portrayed the Doink the clown character and honestly I am confused who is matt bourne, the one who started it all.. but none to less he left a legacy in this business where even non fans will know who doink the clown is regardless who portrays the character.. When I contact him for an Interview for insane plan.. I didn’t expect for him to respond but when he did, he agreed with the stipulation that it would be uncensored and have a disclaimer and sure enough the interview was very controversial and probably my favorite interview I have ever done..I actually didn’t learn of his passing until a couple days after due to no phone or internet connect and I quickly acknowledge him in a statement how he wanted to be more insane then insane plan itself and bring attention to the site which he did. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER Doink The Clown and all he has done to entertain the fans

Doink the Clown Timeline


--December 6, under the ring name Matt Borne, Osborne debuted teaming with his father Tony Bourne defeating Kurt Von Steiger & Race Bannon in Portland, Oregon


--January 13, Matt Bourne beat Hiro Ota for Pacific Northwest Wrestling


--June 2, Matt Bourne & Buzz Sawyer beat the mask superstars for the NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag team Championship

--September 28, The Sheepherders beat Buzz Sawyer & Matt Bourne for the NWA Mid-Atlantic Tag titles.


--April 29, Matt Bourne beat Buddy Rose to win the NWA Pacific Northwest heavyweight title

--April 30, a day later Matt Bourne lost the title back to Buddy Rose

--July 11, Matt Bourne & Steven Regal beat Rip Oliver & The Destroyer for the NWA Pacific Northwest Tag team titles

--August 29, Rip Oliver & Buddy Rose beat Matt Bourne & Steven Regal for the Pacific tag titles

--September 5, Steven Regal & Matt Bourne won the tag titles back but this time from Rip Oliver & Buddy Rose

--November 4, Stan Stasiak & Buddy Rose beat Matt Bourne & Steven Regal for the tag titles


--January 16, Matt Bourne & Rip Oliver beat Rocky Johnson & Iceman King Parsons for the NWA Pacific Northwest tag titles

--April 27, Curt Hennig captured the Pacific Northwest Tag Team titles with Larry Hennig from Rip Oliver & Matt Borne..

--October 27, Matt Bourne & Ted Dibiase aka the Rat Pack beat Junk Yard Dog & Mr. Olympia for the UWF Tag team titles


--March 12, The Rat Pack lost the UWF Titles to Mr. Wrestling 2 & Tiger Conway Jr.


--March 31, Matt Borne beats Rip Oliver  in a DQ


--March 31, Ricky Steamboat beat Matt Bourne in the WWF's first ever Wrestlemania


--September 1, Matt Bourne & Buzz Sawyer won the one day tag team Tournament beating Chris Adams and Lance Von Eric to become the first WCWA Tag team champions

--November 17, Dingo Warrior & Lance Von Eric beat Matt Bourne & Buzz Sawyer for the WCWA Tag titles


--November 10, Matt Bourn beat Ted Arcidi to win the Texas Heavyweight title


--February 26, Matt Bourn lost the Texas Heavyweight title to Terry Taylor


--August 11, Matt Borne & Jeff Jarrett beat Cactus Jack & Scott Braddock for the USWA Tag team titles

--September 15, Jeff Jarrett & Matt Bourne lost the USWA Tag straps to scott braddock & Mark Starr

--September 29, Matt Bourne & Jeff Jarrett beat Held up for their 2nd USWA Tag team championships


--January 1, USWA Memphis show.. Big Josh & Jeff Jarrett beat Robert Fuller & Brian Lee


--May 19, Big Josh beat Black Bart in WCW's first ever Super Brawl

--June 12, Dan Spivey beat Big Josh on WCW Clash of the Champions 15

 --July 14, Big Josh defeated Black Blood (with Kevin Sullivan) in a Lumberjack match on WCW Great American Bash

--August 5, Big Josh, Dustin Rhoads, & Tom Zenk beat The Fabulous Freebirds for the WCW World Six man tag team championship

--September 5, El Gigante won a 15 man battle royal also including Big Josh at WCW Clash of the Champions 16

--October 8, the trio lost the titles to The York Foundation

--October 27, Big Josh and PN News defeated The Creatures on WCW Halloween Havoc

--November 19, Clash of Champions 17.. Big Josh beat Thomas Rich in a Lumber Jack match

--December 27, Steve Austin and Rick Rude (w/Paul E. dangerously) defeated Van Hammer and Big Josh at WCW Starcade  1991


--January 14, Big Josh & Ron Simmons won the WCW US Tag team champion from Steve Armstrong & Tracy Smothers on WCW main event

--January 21, Jimmy Garvin & Michael Hayes beat Brad Armstrong & Big Josh on WCW Clash of the champions 18

--February 17, Ron Simmons & Big Josh lost the US Tag tiles to terry Taylor & Greg valentine

--May 17, Big Josh beat Richard Morton at Wrestle war

--May 23, Big Josh defeated Tracy Smothers in his final match for WCW on world Wide


--January 2, on WWF Superstars of Wrestling., After Crush's match on that show, he confronted Doink, who had thrown a ball at a child in the audience. Crush grabbed Doink by the arm and warned him not to play any more pranks on children.

--January 18, Doink, wearing a cast on the arm that Crush had supposedly injured by grabbing, came to ringside during Crush's match on the episode of WWF Monday Night Raw. He apologized to crush and gave him a flower; when Crush walked away, Doink removed a prosthetic arm from his cast and attacked Crush, who was later taken away in an ambulance due to story line injuries. Crush was said to be too injured to compete in the 1993 Royal Rumble match.

--April 4, Doink the Clown beat Crush due to the interference of a 2nd Doink the Clown at Wrestlemania 9

--June 13, Doink the Clown interfered in Crush’s match against Shawn Michaels at the first King of the Ring Pay Per View

--August 30, Bret the Hit man Hart beat Doink The Clown at Summer slam replacing the injured Jerry the king Lawler who was in Doink’s corner

--September 4, WWF Wrestling Challenge..Doink The Clown was a guest on Jerry Lawler’s Kings Court making Burger King jokes to amuse the crowd and splash a bucket of water in his face..

-- September 13, Monday Night Raw, Doink The Clown poured a pale of water all over Bobby the brain heenan turning himself a fan favorite after this

--November 24, Doink The Clown was schedule to wrestle along with three other doink the clowns in a match against Bam Bam Bigalow, The Head Shrinkers, & Basion Booger (with Afa & Luna Vachon) at survivor series but instead M.O.M & The Bushwackers (with Oscar) all came down in doink the clown face paint ended up wrestling and all as a team were the survivors when all 4 members pinned Bigalow… after the match the real doink on the big screen taunted and made fun of the loss to Bigalow and Luna Vachon.

--December 13, Doink The Clown beat Rich Myers in his last Televised match as Matt Bourne is released from the WWF due to his ongoing drug abuse.. After his release, the Doink character was portrayed by Ray Apollo
Webmaster’s note: Although Matt Borne was released from the WWF, due to being the original Doink the clown.. I will be continuing to include The doink character in the timeline despite being portrayed by numerous wrestlers in the WWF/E & on the Indys


--January 22, Doink the clown entered number 14 in the royal rumble but was eliminated by rival Bam Bam Bigalow

--March 20, Bam Bam Bigalow & Luna Vachon beat Doink & Dink the clown at WrestleMania 10

--August 27, Matt Bourne known as Borne again debuted in ECW for the NWA-ECW Heavyweight title tournament losing to 911

 --The Royal Family (Jerry Lawler, Sleazy, Queasy and Cheesy) defeated Clowns R' Us (Doink the Clown, Dink, Pink and Wink) at survivor series..


--January 22, Doink the Clown enter in as #8 in the Royal Rumble match won by Shawn Michaels at royal rumble and a date with Pamela Andersen at Wrestlemania 11

--September 25, Doink the clown last televised match losing to hunter Hearst Hemsley on WWF Monday Night Raw

--Matt Borne was arrested for institutional vandalism, harassment, criminal mischief, public intoxication, trespassing and disorderly conduct.


--Matt Borne return to Portland Wrestling…. championship wrestling USA


--March 11, Matt Bourne won the CWUSA Television title beating Buddy Wayne

--March 18, Matt Bourne lost the CWUSA TV Title to Colonel DeBeers

--March 21, Doink made a onetime appearance at the 1997 slammy awards only to be attack by stone cold Steve Austin amidst the crowd chant “kill the clown”


--Matt Borne was arrested from warrants from those charges from 1995


--Matt Borne parole was revoked from the prior charges when he tested positive for cocaine in a New Jersey state drug test. He spent time in jail for that.


--July 11, 2000–Juggalow Champpionshit Wrestling Vol.1: Insane Clown Posse defeated Doink The Clown (Truth Martini) & Doink The Clown (Terek The Great)..


--March 26, Chris Jericho dressed as Doink the clown attacked William Regal on Raw

--April 1, Doink the Clown wrestled in the Gimmick Battle Royal which was won by The Iron Sheik at wrestlemania 17

--April 29, Doink The Clown beat Nasty Nick Crain at Deaf Wrestlefest in Pittsburgh, PA


--May 7, Bobby 2 Badd defeats Doink the clown in NWA Southwest


--July 27, Doink the Clown wrestled in the APA Invitational Bar Room Brawl which was won by Bradshaw at Vengeance

--July 31, on smack-down…selected by Rhyno, Doink the clown lost to Chris Benoit


--September 11, for WSW…Doink the Clown beat Dropkick Murphy


--March 18…Doink The Clown no showed the House of Pain event in Beaver Falls, PA

--August 26, Tom Prichard, D’Lo Brown, The Blue Meanie, & Dusty Rhoads beat The Masked Superstar, the original Evil Clown (Doink), Andrew Martin, & Steve Corino at Wrestlerunion 2

--October, Doink The Clown wrestled Rob Conway on Raw



--Umaga (with Armando Alejandro Estrada) defeated Eugene (with Jim Duggan, Doink the Clown, and Kamala)


--June 2, Doink, Eugene, & Kane beat Umaga, Viscera, & Kevin Thorn on Saturday Night’s Main Event

--December 10, Matt Borne reprised his role as Doink the clown and participated in a 15 alumni man gimmick battle royal on the 15th anniversary of Raw which was won by Ted Dibiase aka Million Dollar Man who was his former tag team partner from there early days in wrestling..


--December 2, Matt Borne was interviewed by Insane Plan… discussing his past addiction with drugs, money, sex, and his spot with the WWF and who did what drugs during that area


--January 7, World Pro Wrestling:  Honky Tonk Man & Doink the clown vs Jerry Grey & Mighty Volkoff to a no contest


--March 27, debuted for ISPW in new jersey known as rebourn again debuting the Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker

--July 12, Doink Teamed with William Regal, Primo, & Zack Ryder who lost to the team of Santino Marella, Goldust, Vladimir Kozlov, & the great Khali

--August 8, Doink the clown won the Wreckiing Ball championship


--December 7, Juggalow Championship Wrestling, Zach Gowin won the generations’ battle royal also including Doink The Clown


--July 2, WWE Raw, Doink The Clown  made a surprise return in a losing effort to heath slater

--July 23, on the 1000th episode on Raw… he appeared along with other WWE legends in the corner of Lita who beat Heath slater

--July 28, Doink The Clown lost to Mack Daddy Brett Paradise in LPW Great Amaerican Smash in Wheeling WV..


--June 28, Matt Osbourne was found dead in his home in Plano, Texas.. The Autopsy revealed he died of an accidental over-dose of Morphin & hydrocodone and he also suffered heart disease…

--On Facebook, three weeks before his death, Osborne noted that Father’s Day was coming, and that he’d be seeing his dad soon. He also openly talked about how sad it was that he was estranged from his own children.

--“My children, Anthony, Renja, Teagen and Matthew, are the most important people in my life. Being estranged from them is sometimes more than I can handle. Not looking for sympathy, just cherish your children and their lives.”

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