Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Interview with Stacy Hunter from 2009

Quick Highlights

---Debut 1994

---Has worked with Brutus Beefcake



JM: It's been about 4 years since our last interview for the web site and I believe we were talking about the 10th anniversary of PWX but now it's going to start off at your last show at Deaf wrestlefest 2009......what were your thoughts of the event that came back for the first time in nearly 10 years?

SH: I had a great time at the Deaf show, it was a who's who of Pittsburgh Indy wrestling and the stars that were there were wonderful.


JM: You were a big part of the event that saw you come out as a manager three different matches, which one was your favorite?

SH: The tag match and King Kahula match were tied for my favorites, anytime I'm with Dash and Devin I'm happy, and working with Brutus and Kahula was amazing



JM: I read that you grew up admiring the late Sensational Sherri and at Deaf Wrestlefest saw you receive a haircut from brutus Barber beefcake who also gave sherri a haircut 20 years ago. How do you feel about being in the same situation as someone you admire?

SH: I do admire Sherri and I'm proud to have shared the same experience with her.



JM: You did a good job as a heel, because when the haircut happened that was the loudest pop from the crowd that night, wouldn't you say?

SH: LOL I don't know I was too busy crying and screaming at Shawn Patrick to make it stop to really hear the crowd



JM: I last saw you compete at House of Pain show in butler a few years back and you were schedule to face former WWE Diva Luna Vachon but she no showed due to a car accident and you ended up facing her one time manager for the night Ferrari which was her very first official wrestling match.... what were your thoughts when finding out about the match being changed and having to wrestle someone that never stepped foot in the ring before?

SH: Well I was a bit concerned cause I'm not the best wrestler but Ferrari did a great job in the match and I STILL want a rematch from her!




Dash Bennett - One of Pittsburgh's best tag wrestlers, has improved greatly over the past few years and is now a damn good singles wrestler

Devin Devine - great, Devin has it all

Morgan Rockefellor - still ducking me in a one on one match

Brittany Force - becoming a force pardon the pun

King Kaluha - great guy

Kid Cupid - WHY!

BC Steele - rich, spoiled, cute

Krystal Frost - evil but dumb.....11!

Jason Cage - please please just keep your mouth shut this time

Evil Zebra - who? lol my fav ref



JM: Do you have any up coming shows you want to plug?

SH: check out www.nwaeast.org for all the upcoming pwx shows



JM: What are some of the greatest Highlights of your Career?

SH: wrestling in the old ECW arena, and having my hair cut



JM: Any Interesting stories?

SH: nope..lol



JM: Who would you like to knock out, a WWE Diva or a TNA Knock-out?

SH: diva



JM: What advice do you have for people who dream of becoming a pro wrestler?

SH: do it the right way. Get out of the backyard and if your not ready to be on shows sit in the crowd like you should.



JM: Closing Thoughts?

Make sure you come to McKeesport and check out Dash Bennett and Sensation Stacy Hunter as we take over Pwx!



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