Thursday, July 25, 2013

Interview with Meatball from 2008

Quick Highlights

---Debut: 2001

---Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) 2002

---Appeared on World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Raw 2006

---Ranked #11 in the WWE Raw's 15th Anniversary magazine for his appearence on WWE Raw in the top 15 Momentous Occasions

---Worked for Midget Wrestling Federation (MWF)

---Hulk Hogan's Micro Championship Wrestling Season 1


JM: How did you get your start in the entertainment world?

MB: Well I started out as a sidekick car. in the LWF in 2001 then about 6 months later midgets found me lol and the rest is history, even did a few goofy TV commercials as well



JM: being in the wrestling biz, were you always a fan growing up? If so who were some of your favorites?

MB: Well in the early dayz was Andre the giant....Hulk Hogan and now the Undertaker....



JM: Who trained you and what was the training like?

MB: Spyder Natt Web and then I learned more along the way....


JM: To whom you had your best bouts with in MWF?

MB: Well POD... Toad..... Blixx..... Just about everyone on our Roster



JM: You also worked for TNA during it's early days, Have you ever thought the company would grow to what it is today going head to head with WWE?

MB: The Deal with TNA Was just a 1 off I had to fight puppet and that was it, So I was always a WWE Fan


JM: You also worked a spot with Degeneration X (Shawn Michaels & Triple H) on Raw, how did that deal come about and your thoughts on that experience?

MB: Triple H was totally cool as well as Shawn Michaels and basically they told us just to go out and have fun with it and it was the top 12 moments in RAW



JM: Will we ever see you full-time in WWE or TNA in the near feature?

MB: Don't know maybe or if they want midgets for real matches and not cheesy shit



JM: I am sure you have a long list, but what are some of your greatest Highlights of your Career?

MB: Well a few come to mind as far as wrestling.... The first time I ever did a thumbtack match was insane... and was not as bad as I thought....then the first time I became midget champ.. we were in Foley Alabama and after I won the title the bar owners son came up to me and gave me a half a cup of ruplmintz and then the party began.... of course we even had some groupies that wanted to hang out and party with the midgets...I also had my first Ladder match against TC Washington from Miaw out of Milwaukee,WI



JM: Name game:

Motorhead= Really cool and down to earth did a lot of drinking with them

Godsmack & Zombie= thanks to a buddie of mine i got to go out on tour for a week with both bands and both of these bands are really cool to hangout with

Areosmith= just met Steven Tyler but was totally cool as you seen in my pics

Iron Maiden= Old Fashioned Never a Sellout band they did all there work the hard way they earned it and never got the radio airplay in America but the new tour in 08 is going to be the hottest ticket this late spring

Ozzy Osbourne= took forever to meet him but he is the godfather of metal



JM: On your myspace, there is a lot of promotional work for Iron Maiden posted, do you work full time for there band/tours, if so how did that deal come about?

MB: started out as a fan... then in the late 90's started helping out learning about the business and in 2000 did the full USA tour and also a Brief Fall tour in the UK, and also did a few other tours as well... a really cool down to earth band


JM: Do you plan on sharing your life in a Tell all book?

MB: Don't know if there is a book big enough and if I had to live my life over again I'd do it all the same...



JM: Any upcoming projects, shows are anything you would like to promote?

MB: Nothing really Except I have my very own meatball shirt out and go to for killer clothing



JM: What advice do you have for young men who dream of having the same adventures as you did in your life?

MB: Just follow your dreams and don't be afraid to ask questions along the way....

JM: Closing thoughts?

MB: If anyone knows someone looking for midgets holler at me

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