Thursday, July 25, 2013

Interview with Lauren Brooke from 2009


Quick Highlights

---Debut:  2008

---Total Non-Stop action 2008-2009

JM: How did the offer with TNA Come about?

LB: I guess it all started in December 2007 when they brought me on to be a "deal or no deal" type girl on Impact (I opened the case for Petey Williams fate). That night after Terry Taylor asked me how I liked the company, everyone there, etc. I told him I had a blast, and would love to be involved somehow. Well, I got the call in March of 2008, and started in April! 

JM: how is your experience with TNA so far?

LB: It's been amazing. Everyone there is like family (ok, a really CRAZY fam, but a tight one!).

JM: were you ever a wrestling fan growing up and if so who were some of your favorites?

LB:  Hmm...I was a big fan of the Rock in High School, and I had a girlfriend who was good friends with the Hogan's (though I unfortunately never got to meet them). I wasn't what you would call a die-hard wrestling fan, but I stayed posted on the wrestlers.

JM: You’re in a middle of a storyline with Abyss, do you prefer the role as an interviewer or a valet, what are your thoughts on the change?

LB: I take my job as backstage interviewer very seriously. When people ask me if I ever want to wrestle, I tell them every time that I like where I am now in TNA, and wouldn't change it for anything. The development with Abyss is a hard one to handle. I'm not really a Valet. In fact, that night I saw what was going on with him and Matt...KNEW he wasn't in control, and had to run out there. He's not in control of his life, and for some reason he trusts me and thinks I'm' his "girlfriend". I can’t tell him otherwise...that guy is an animal!!!

JM: Name/Association Game?

Abyss: HUGE

Matt Morgan: Back stabber

The Beautiful People: Superficial

Awesome Kong: Freaking' intimidating

Jim Cornette : All over the place!

Kurt Angle: Insane

Sting: THE ICON (what can I say!)

Kevin Nash : Smooth (think all the ladies will agree with this one-ha ha!)

Scott Steiner : Nuts!

Mick Foley: The Alpha Male

JM: Can you share some interesting stories within the TNA Locker room?

LB:  Hmm...I'm really not in the locker room unless I'm trying to get a quick word in with the wrestlers...then I'm out!

JM: Out of all your interview segments, what are your most memorable one that stands out?

LB: Well, Samoa Joe was my first interview ever with TNA, so that one sticks out for obvious reasons. Other than that one, I can’t forget Petey being thrown off the top of a ladder by Steiner. He's always out for blood, and he got it that day....I did too.

JM: Do you follow the WWE. If so how would you compare the difference you see in two companies with TNA?

LB:  I really don't follow WWE as much. I've been pretty busy recently, but I like to stay as posted as I can.

JM: You started out as a model, what was some of your past work you did before TNA?

LB: I've done a lot of catalog work, Car Commercial and radio spokes modeling for Fountain Auto Mall in Orlando, and Venice Honda near Sarasota (still do commercials for these companies). I also just started a show called TOP TEN with the Golf Channel, and tour with Wild Turkey for the motorcycle rallies. I'm a little bit of a workaholic!

JM: Any advice for fans to follow their dreams?

LB:  The first modeling agent I saw told me I would never do runway or print. My FIRST job was a Print shoot for the Orlando Sentinel and my second was swim wear runway. Attitude is everything. If you know you're good at something, don't be a little ' girl. Get out there and do it!!

JM: Closing thoughts?

LB: Thanks for this interview!!! I'm a pretty normal girl, so I'm always thrilled when people want to know more ;)


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